Has God Spoken?

5th Edition Updated

A. O. Schnabel

Arnold Schnabel

Arnold 0. Schnabel continues to maintain a strong interest in researching evidence that supports the Bible's claim of inspiration. This began when he became a Christian at the North Amarillo Church of Christ in 1951 while serving in the U.S. Air Force at Amarillo, Texas. He understood that true faith can only come from the Word of God, and therefore one needs the support of knowing that the biblical text was inspired (God-breathed) as it came to the prophets and apostles two thousand to four thousand years ago.

After the Korean War, Schnabel interrupted his studies in engineering to attend Freed-Hardeman University for two years as a special student in Biblical Studies so that he might be better equipped to serve in the Lord's Kingdom. He then completed his degree in aeronautical engineering at Auburn University and in 1958 moved with his wife. Sue, and their first child to Seattle, Washington, to begin work with the Boeing Aircraft Company in its Research and Development Department

At Boeing, Schnabel's fellow engineers and scientists continually challenged him as to why he believed in the Bible's inspiration. Not finding any material on inspiration available that was particularly suitable for scientists or engineers, which meant that it had to be seen or touched, he promised them he would provide it. Using his dual educational background, he spent six months researching and matching the Biblical text to modern scientific discoveries. This evidence was then discussed during the daily lunch break with about forty coworkers and thus was the beginning of a lifetime work.

For several years, Schnabel personally published the material in a book bearing the name of this book. Later the Bible Science Association printed his book, and after that the Creation-Life Publishers, Inc., of The Institute for Creation Research printed the book for several more years. This is the fifth edition, with more than fifty thousand copies of earlier editions already in print. The book, or portions thereof, has been printed in Japanese, Korean, German, and Russian. This edition of Has God Spoken? has been updated and enlarged to include the latest material presented in Arnold Schnabel's lecture series.

For forty years, Schnabel has been invited to speak to hundreds of churches, schools, civic organizations, and universities in this country and overseas on the subject of Biblical evidence. He has been a lecturer for both the Bible Science Association and the Creation Research Society. On several occasions, he has labored with churches as a gospel preacher and teacher. He has had debates at universities, over the radio, and at public forums. To get the message of the Bible out, he hosted a daily talk show, "Ask Your Preacher," for eleven years while living in Portland, Oregon, and later Tampa, Florida. To support his family, he has had numerous businesses. These permitted him the freedom to travel so that he could lecture on the material contained in this book. He views this book as a never-ending research project that can be used to support one's faith in Gods inspiration of His Word, the Bible.


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