Has God Spoken?

5th Edition Updated

A. O. Schnabel

Moon Recession

FACT: The moon is receding from earth at a rate that cannot justify a period of time long enough to support an evolutionary process. Based upon a great amount of observable data and fundamental laws of physics, there are three proofs that the moon and the earth are too young for a presumed evolution to have taken place.

DISCUSSION: The first argument is an easily understood physical proof that the moon is too young for the presumed evolutionary age. The laws of physics show that the moon is receding from the earth at a known rate. To reverse the direction of this recession, using the same rate, the moon theoretically would physically contact the earth in about 1.4 billion years, far short of the 4.7 billion years evolutionists claim for its age.¹ We are not claiming the earth is 1.4 billion years old but that it could not possibly be any older than that.

The moon and the earth each have angular (rotational) momentum because they rotate. The moon has additional angular momentum (centrifugal force) because it revolves around the earth to balance the earth-moon system's gravitational pull. The earth rotation slows because of the moon's torque (pull) on the earths tidal bulge that the moon creates, which then causes the earth to lose angular momentum. This angular momentum must go elsewhere in the system according to the Law of Conservation of Momentum. It cannot just disappear! The angular momentum transfers from the earth to the moon. This results in the moon increasing its orbital speed and therefore slowly increasing the distance at which it orbits the earth.

The second argument relates to the laws of physics that show the moon would have never survived a nearness to the earth of less than 11,500 miles. This distance is known as the Roche limit The difference of the earth's gravitational forces on the closest and farthest parts of a large satellite, such as the moon, would break the satellite into pieces, something like the rings of Saturn. Thus, the receding moon was never that dose to the earth.

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¹ Don B. DeYoung, "The Earth-Moon System," Proceedings of the International Conference on Creation, Vol. 2, 1990, pp. 79-83.


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