Has God Spoken?

5th Edition Updated

A. O. Schnabel

Prophecy, Archaeology, and History

Our world is dotted with the sites of ancient cities that are found recorded in the Bible. These archaeological sites give visible testimony for the inspiration of the Biblical writers. Their writings contain many prophecies of God directed toward some of the important countries and cities of their time. Now we have very old copies of their prophetic writings, such as the Septuagint and me Dead Sea Scrolls, which are known to have existed long before the actual fulfillment of some of these prophecies occurred and became events of history. Yes, these are provable today. They stand as indisputable monuments to the Bible's inspiration.

Archaeological expeditions have explored the ruins of ancient cities with the consistent result of proving the historical and prophetic accuracy of the Bible writers. It is true that some prophecies lack evidence to prove that they were written either before or after the actual event spoken of had occurred. But, what is the modernist doing with those that can be proven true prophecies? He is observed doing the same as men did nineteen centuries ago when some, who witnessed the very miracles of Jesus, rejected the obvious conclusion of this evidence because of their pride, jealousy, position, etc.

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