Has God Spoken?

5th Edition Updated

A. O. Schnabel


IF there is a God who is supreme over our universe, and IF the Bible is a revelation from that God, then there is one essential that must be inherent within that revelation. It must be constituted solely of TRUTHS! It is an absolute necessity, then, that statements of Bible writers, when prophesying concerning national events, or when the writings relate to physical laws of this universe, all must coincide perfectly with accepted facts of science and history, but not necessarily theories. Furthermore, Bible statements must do this regardless of the accepted theories and level of scientific knowledge of the age in which they were written.

This work has been written to demonstrate that between the observations of science and history, there exists a harmony with the simple and direct interpretation of the Bible narrative such as would be expected of a book written by the Creator of the physical world. If you, the reader, can be shown proof of this statement, then truly you have seen beyond any doubt a miracle in this scientific age as unexplainable as any recorded in the Bible. It is beyond comprehension that men who lived two thousand to four thousand years ago could, without this age's scientific instruments, arrive at the same knowledge as the men of science in the last three hundred years.

Modem instruments of research make possible our great advancements in science, so it is machine technology that allows us to broaden our knowledge beyond that of our forefathers. Leeuwenhoek's invention of the microscope in 1676, the use of shockwaves in the study of the ocean floor, the world's largest radio telescope commencing operation in November of 1963, these and countless other tools have provided discoveries of the universe's secrets that otherwise would have been impossible for the unaided human mind to search out.

As evidence of their Divine Guidance, the writers of the Bible have revealed scientific truths in nonscientific terms. These truths, which were considered as Biblical errors for centuries by the skeptic, have come to light in recent times only through painstaking and costly research. Without the development of modern research instruments and programs, confirming these Biblical statements to be true and factual would be difficult.

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