Has God Spoken?

5th Edition Updated

A. O. Schnabel


Knowledge of the evidences of Christianity is essential to each of God's children. Without knowledge of the reasonable credentials of the Gospel, our faith will lack conviction and reality, and our ministry will not carry the necessary zeal and diligence. As small children we accept unquestioningly our parents' faith, as do young children of all faiths. Now, our God demands that we be ready always to give answer to the unbeliever that asks us a reason concerning our hope of eternal life (i Pet 3:15).

Too few Christians realize that the burden of proof falls upon the one who states, "There is a God, and the Bible is His revelation of Himself to us." The denial of the unbelievers cannot be proved, but in reality the challenge is for the believer to prove his statement. God has not handicapped this generation but has given us ample evidence of His existence. His nature, and His speaking to us through men in the past. The purpose of this study therefore is to accredit the testimony of the writers of the Bible. A person's faith can be founded on the fact that the written record is a reliable and faithful witness, both historically and scientifically. The integrity of the Bible stands on the proven integrity of its writers.

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